DON’T WORRY …. ANO’s got you covered

After thirteen years of providing Eclipse Stainless products, ANO was forced to change suppliers. Eclipse Stainless switched to a Malaysian factory completely about 2 years ago. The complete inability to resolve quality issues has resulted in Eclipse Stainless closing it’s doors. The founding partner and the California office have agreed to dissolve the corporation effective December 29th, 2017.

ANO Sales has returned to the South Korean factory that produced Eclipse 800 series sinks. After working on upgrades to the sinks and going fully automated for a consistent, high-quality finish. We now have the 16 gauge INFINITY and 18 gauge DECORA series extra heavy 304 stainless steel sinks.

The new sinks and faucets will be branded Cygnet Stainless. ANO has worked directly with the same faucet factory Eclipse used to provide the same model faucets with improvements. The faucets now all have a swivel hose end at the faucet head, and all faucet handles are forward motion only, so there’s no more hitting the backsplash issue. All the service and quality you expect from ANO Sales will continue.

ANO Sales has the service and expertise to handle the warranty on all Eclipse faucets purchased from 2008 thru December 2017. We have in stock a few models of Eclipse sinks that do not match our current cutouts should someone damage an existing sink and need a replacement.

To make a warranty claim on Eclipse Stainless product, fill out the contact form below. It would be helpful if you have the model of the sink or faucet, the date purchase (so we can make sure we get you the right part the first time,) and a brief description of the issue. If you do not know the model of the faucet please text us a picture of the faucet and the logo so we can identify the model.


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