Faucets with Stand Alone Sprayer

We occasionally get requests for faucets with a separate spray head like the one shown in the picture on the right. When we ask the customer why they want a stand-alone sprayer instead of a faucet with the flow and spray in the same head, most often, the reason is they want to fill pots on the counter instead of filling them in the sink and then have to lift them to the countertop.

With most pull out spray heads, this can be a problem because often the spray head has a weight to pull it back into the neck. For the weight to work, it needs to be installed above the midpoint of the hose, meaning you can only use half of the hose or less.

Because the Cygnet faucets have a spring instead of a weight, you can use the whole hose and fill pots on the countertop instead of in the sinks, as shown in the picture to the left – sorry for the quality of the picture.

Weights also often bang on the plumbing and hang up on other items stored under the sink.