How to Clean a Stainless Steel Sink

  • To clean a stainless steel sink ANO recommends Barkeeper’s Friend and a green Scotch Brite Pad. You do not need to be gentle on the sink, but you should scrub with the brushing. If you sink does not have a brushed finish you will not be able to cover scratches. DO NOT use steel wool or other steel products. These products will leave behind metal dust that will rust. The rust can normally be removed with Barkeepers Friend and Scotch Brite pad.
  • Do not use the sink as a cutting board particularly with high quality hardened knives!!! This will leave scratches in the steel that will be very hard to remove.
  • Use grates fitted to the sink like Eclipse grates. Make sure you remove the grates clean under the grates particularly the legs regularly. Failure to clean under the grates can leave small stains under the legs.
  • If you use a rubber pad on the bottom of the sink make sure you lift it and scrub the sink at least once a week.
  • Acid-based cleaners will harm the sink so avoid them.
    On a brushed finish sink, you can remove minor scratches with abrasive scratch removers. We use a product by the name of Scratch Away which is available on the internet.
  • When scrubbing heavy pots protect the sink with grates or other protective accessory. If you rest a pot directly on the sink while you scrub it, it can slide causing slide scratches.
  • Most rust spots are the result of surface rust from sources other than the sink such as the water supply or cans and can usually be removed by a thorough cleaning.
  • Note, if you have a polished finished sink (sometimes called a mirror finish) it will be very difficult to repair. If you have what is marketed as a matte or satin finish, it means there is no finish at all. The sink is stamped and send it to market. Scratches will be impossible to repair.