The Tall and the Short of Cygnet Stainless Faucets

Cygnet Stainless Solid Stainless Lead Free Healthy Choice Faucets™ have several models. Some are tall and short versions of the same basic faucets. The SD-6050 Richmond faucet is 16-15/16″ tall. The SB-6052 Preston has all the same parts except the neck which is shorter – 15-1/4″.

The SB-6040 Lexington and the SB-6040 (16-5/16) and Brentwood SB-6042 (14-3/8″) faucets are taller and shorter versions of the same faucets as are the SB-6080 Ashen (16-15/16″) and the SB-6070 Windsor (14-3/16″.)