Grid Sets Protect the Bottom of Your Sink

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Grids are a wire mesh that fits in the bottom of your stainless steel sink to protect the sink from scratches. Grids are manufactured for specific sinks and are not universal. Cygnet Stainless grids are made from the same 304 stainless steel as the Cygnet Stainless sinks and faucets. They are solid stainless and not covered by clear coat or other covering to make them look better on install. Coatings peel as shown on the attached pictures. Cheaper grids may also have uneven and sloppy welding as shown.

If you use the rubber or palstic pads that lay on the sink bottom make sure you lift them and clean the sink under the pads at least once a week to prevent rust marks and stains.

EVO5050 with Grids

Tips on Selecting the Style of your Kitchen Sink

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In this article, we will give you some tips on selecting a kitchen sink. In this article we will discuss shapes.

BD-820-16 Rio
BD-820-16 Rio

The double equal sink like the BD-820 Tipton sink from Cygnet Stainless continues to be the most popular sink. Known in the trade as a 5050 sink (50% of the bottom surface is in each sink) the sink can be used to wash or rinse in either sink and, if you install a garbage disposal, it can be placed in either sink.



BD-813L-16 Allante

The BD-813-16L Allante, which is commonly know as a 6040 sink, comes in big bowl left or the reverse, big bowl right. The small bowl is shallower to accommodate garbage disposals. The BD813-16  design allows the larger sink to be used for washing and the smaller for rinsing. Many customers want the smaller sink with the disposal closer to the dishwasher to allow the disposal to drain more efficiently.


BD-822L-16 Rio

The BD-822-16 Rio is also available with big bowl on either the left or right. Some consumers believe the shape is more dramatic than the 6040. The large sink has more room for washing dishes, but the small sink is smaller and does not allow a twelve-inch dinner plate to lay flat. The small sink is also shallower to make drainage of garbage disposal easier.




BS-800-16 Horizon

Large single bowls like the BS-800-16 Horizon are becoming more popular because most people do not fill the sink with soapy water to wash dishes because most kitchens have a dishwasher. These sinks accommodate larger pans. ANO recommends that big single bowls be sixteen gauge to avoid noise and damage from garbage disposal vibration. All Cygnet Sinks are made from heavier South Korean 16 gauge Stainless Steel which is heavier than Chinese 16 gauge.

The Cygnet SB-7020 Bradfield Pot Filler Faucet

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The SB-7020 Bradfield faucet is a copy of a commercial faucet with a residential finish.

The faucet is 26-3 1/6″ tall and is designed as a pot filler. The head of the faucet is 8-1/4″ above the countertop and can only be pulled down a couple of inches so the faucet can cause splashing.

The faucet has a dramatic impact on the kitchen design as long as you are aware that it does not pull down into the sink.


Faucets with Stand Alone Sprayer

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We occasionally get requests for faucets with a separate spray head like the one shown in the picture on the right. When we ask the customer why they want a stand-alone sprayer instead of a faucet with the flow and spray in the same head, most often, the reason is they want to fill pots on the counter instead of filling them in the sink and then have to lift them to the countertop.

With most pull out spray heads, this can be a problem because often the spray head has a weight to pull it back into the neck. For the weight to work, it needs to be installed above the midpoint of the hose, meaning you can only use half of the hose or less.

Because the Cygnet faucets have a spring instead of a weight, you can use the whole hose and fill pots on the countertop instead of in the sinks, as shown in the picture to the left – sorry for the quality of the picture.

Weights also often bang on the plumbing and hang up on other items stored under the sink.

Countertop Trends for 2020

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  1. Quartz continues to be a big part of the stone countertop market.

  2. More neutral colors that go with any décor. Natural stone countertops and even many of the quartz countertops on the market have bold colors and a lot of movement, but they limit the ability to make bold statements in other kitchen design elements.

  3. Full wall backsplashes made from either matching materials or decorative wall tiles.

  4. Countertops with dramatic veining. They are not for everyone but they can add interest and excitement to the surface of the countertop.

  5. Our customers tell us that Countertops made from concrete and recycled glass seemed to have run their course and are not as popular.

  6. Dramatic sinks including small radius sinks such as the PerfecFlo and Evolutions sinks.

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FSR2318PF-12 Carrara 12″ Deep Laundry Sink

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The FSR2318-12 Carrara is a Small Radius Hand Fabricated PerfecFlo sink designed for use in laundry rooms.

The inside dimensions of the sink are 21″ wide by 16″ front to back and 12″ deep. With the countertop thickness,  it is nearly 13″ or standard laundry depth.

The picture to the left shows the sink installed with a 3/8″ reveal. The reveal allowed the fabricator to make a cover for the sink so the space could be used as a workspace when the sink was not in use.

The other pictures below show the sink with the cover installed and the full installation with the SB07020   Bradfield Faucet.

12" Deep Laundry Sink
12″ Deep Laundry Sink