FSR3321APF-7 Genoa Apron Front/Farmhouse Sink in Laminate Top

The Cygnet Stainless FSR332APF-7 Genoa Apron Front/Farmhouse sink for new and existing cabinets is an under-mount sink designed for use in hard-surface countertops like granite or quartz. Recently I visited one of our customers who fabricates laminate tops.

She had a good deal of difficulty with a Big Brand farm sink designed for laminate. She told me she received four sinks from the Big Brand, all of them damaged. The experience with the Big Brand lead her to be creative, and she installed the FSR3321APF-7.

The picture is a picture of a display in her showroom. She received the sink undamaged, and she told me the under-mount flange on our sink was better than the flange intended to be a drop-in.

The flanges on all the FSR and Evolution sinks are the same. Judging by this installation, they will work as drop-ins as long as you mount them securely to the top.