Kitchen Trends 2020

Kitchen Trends

2019 Kitchen Trends

As we enter 202o let's look back on the big Design Trends for 2020;

  1. Open home layout. Less walls and more rooms like dining room, living room and kitchens all ope to each other. Makes space look larger.
  2. Single-level countertops are another trending feature in kitchens this year. Having a single tier in your kitchen provides easy accessibility and extra space for cooking.
  3.  LED lighting use less energy, they last twice as long and continue to be used in creative and innovative ways.
  4. Appliance integrated into countertop and island including under counter appliances
  5. Deep drawers for more large pot storage.
  6. Open shelving
  7. Silver finishes - goes great with Stainless steel.
  8. Wood floors
  9. Large small radius single bowl sinks like the Evolutions and PerfecFlo sinks
  10. White cabinets, and counters
  11. Granite, Marble, and Quartz countertops